Correlation between Legitimacy and Legality – Selected Problems

Anna Kociołek-Pęksa, Jerzy Menkes



The presented study is multi-disciplinary in nature. It combines elements of legal analysis, political science, as well as elements of the science of safety. This multi-faceted study has allowed us to not only to cover a wide field of research but also to make thorough descriptions and explanations provided sense largissimo. The text concerns the multi-faceted relationship between legality and the legitimacy of law in the perspective of international and national dimensions. The authors concluded that “justice” (as a rule and also a value) is a (different) Grundnorm in international law. The authors discuss the role of the international community, the principle of sovereignty and the essence of nomocracy, in shaping and changing the scope of the legitimacy of law.


legitimacy; legality; sovereignty, nomocracy

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