Troska Chrystusa o grzeszny Kościół w Komentarzu do Księgi Sofoniasza św. Hieronima

Krzysztof Bardski



The first part of the article presents the allegorical interpretation of
several passages connected with the sins of the members of the Church
according to the Commentary of St. Jerome to the prophet Zephaniah:
a. The vain glory and false dignity of priests and bishops (Zeph 1:4); b. The
abandonment of Christ’s garments (Zeph 1:8); c. Disrespect for baptism and
penance (Zeph 1:10); d. Oppression due to false doctrines (Zeph 1:11, 2:8);
e. Sins committed by the representatives of the Church (Zeph 2:9); f. False
Christians inside the Church (Zeph 2:14); g. Oppressive superiors (Zeph 3:3);
h. Church doctors disregarding the Holy Spirit and the goodness of God. In
the second part, the author explores the passages allegorically interpreted in
relation to the care of Christ for his beloved Church: a. The light of the word
and wisdom (Zeph 1:12); b. Destruction of perverse structures (Zeph 1:13);
c. An invitation to communion in love and peace (Zeph 2:1); d. The ”Rest”
of those who know the Word of God (Zeph 2:9); e. Commitment to mercy
(Zeph 3:10-13); f. The end of the punishment and the gift of joy (Zeph 3:14-
18); g. The promise of eternal glory (Zeph 3:19-20).

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Księga Sofoniasza; Komentarz do Księgi Sofoniasza św. Hieronima; Kościół; grzech; Chrystus

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