Wolność i łaska w nauce Marka Eremity

Bogdan Czyżewski

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21697/ct.2019.89.1.05


Mark the Ascetic is considered as one of the most prominent theoreticians
of ascetic life in the ancient Church. In his ascetic writings, he undertook
a variety of topics, including freedom and grace. Mark’s teaching is not
a systematic doctrine. His tuitions are more a collection of short statements
scattered in many places in his works. The author uses the Greek word
ἐλευθερία for freedom and χάρις for grace. Christ brings freedom to man.
In the sacrament of baptism, man is freed from the original sin. In turn, the
grace is always depicted as a gift, which man can only receive from God.
Therefore, the Kingdom of God is always a gift, and neither a prize, nor
a reward for work. The entire salvation is the greatest grace, which has been
given to us by Christ. The attitude of gratitude to God should overfilled
the entire human life.

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Marek Eremita; wolność; łaska; Chrystus; chrzest

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