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Biblijne Megiddo w świetle rezultatów badań archeologicznych

Ewa Ronowska



The starting point of the article is to explain the reasons why Megiddo
was one of the most important Canaanite cities in the northern Palestine,
as well as the presentation of scientific proposals explaining the etymology
and meaning of its name. In this context, considerations regarding the Bible
narration associated with Megiddo and references to it contained in extra-
-biblical sources are included. The second part of the article presents an
outline of the history of archaeological research in Tel Megiddo, which is
the starting point for presenting the history of biblical Megiddo in the light
of the results of these studies. The article presents various, often contradictory,
views of researchers on the history of Megiddo based primarily on
the analysis of archaeological data, from the Neolithic, through the Early,
Middle and Late Bronze Ages to the Iron Age.

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Megiddo; Armageddon; Biblia; archeologia; etymologia

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