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Konflikt wokół odbudowy świątyni (Ezd 4,1-5). Przyczynek do transformacji religii biblijnego Izraela i narodzin judaizmu

Waldemar Chrostowski



This article presents the detailed exegesis of the text of Esd 4,1-5. First,
the place of this text in the structure of the Book of Esdra is described and
the translation into Polish is given. Then, detailed remarks follow regarding
all the verses included. Verse 1 gives the identity of the delegation coming
to Jerusalem as seen by the author of the Book of Esdra. Verse 2 preserves
the self-presentation of the delegates from the north, and the article stresses
the fact that they were believers in YHWH. The answer given in v. 3 by the
Jerusalem authorities is analysed in detail. Verses 4-5 describe the conflict
with “the people of the land”, in many respects having analogies with similar
antagonisms between Jerusalem and Judah and the population of the former
Kingdom of Israel. By the end of the article some important conclusions are
proposed, among them the question as to whether the Jerusalem authorities
would accept the proposal of collaboration in the cult existing in Jerusalem
presented immediately after 539 by the delegates coming from the north.
The crucial question regards the long-lasting and still valid issue of the
identity of the “true Israel”.

Słowa kluczowe

świątynia jerozolimska; asyryjska diaspora Izraelitów; wygnanie babilońskie; okres perski; masoreci

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