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Kerygmat w mieście. Religijny performance czy heideggerowskie wydarzenie?

Adam Regiewicz



For the past few years, on Sundays during the Easter period, groups
of Catholics fill city squares (parks, shopping centres and the like) and
celebrate the liturgy giving a testimony to Christian life. Very often these
places are crossroads of trade, leisure, entertainment and commute trails,
hence the celebrations raise actual bewilderment in busy passers-by. Suddenly,
by imposing sacral references on the spaces of the profanum, they
become symbolic places, the embodiment of a living Church on the move.
The article attempts to read these specific meetings in the context of cultural
phenomena: a theatre play, a live performance act, flash mobs, and
others. The article also contemplates the construction of meaning of such
space interpreted anew through the prism of these forms of evangelisation.

Słowa kluczowe

kerygmat; ewangelizacja; nie-miejsce; performans; flash mob; widowisko; wydarzenie

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