Published: 2023-12-30

The Polish Association of Suicidology’s Contribution to the Advancement of Scholarly Publications in the Field of Suicidology: The Annual Journal Suicydologia

Adam Czabański
European Journal of Health Policy, Humanization of Care and Medical Ethics
Section: Articles


The Polish Association of Suicidology (Polskie Towarzystwo Suicydologiczne [PTS]) has played a major role in raising awareness of  the dangers of suicidal behavior in society. One of the objectives in establishing the PTS was publishing. The purpose of this article is to describe the contribution of the PTS to the advancement of publications in the field of suicidology, based on the example of the annual journal Suicydologia.
The journal was printed in ten volumes between 2005 and 2018. The authors included members of the Polish Association of  Suicidology as well as guest authors who were invited from all over Poland. These were professionals in many fields and disciplines,  from the medical and health sciences to social science research. It seems that the publication of papers in the field of suicidology in Suicydologia contributed to bringing together this scientific community, spreading knowledge about the threat of suicidal behavior and designing preventive measures to mitigate suicide.


suicide, suicide attempt, suicidal behavior, suicidology

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