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Dear Sirs and Madams,

we invite you to contribute to the 1/2021 thematic issue of Colloquia Litteraria entitled:


Literary Anniversaries


The leading editors are: prof. Dorota Kielak and prof. Joanna Zajkowska

Deadline for the submission of texts: October 10, 2021.


Celebrations of anniversaries and jubilees were (in the 19th and early 20th centuries) and still are (in the 21st century) an important part of Polish culture and cultural discourse. Under the partitions they played an integrating role, built a sense of community, provided an opportunity to celebrate national history, thus strengthening identity processes and consolidating a specific system of values. Great historical events (Grunwald, Vienna Victory) were commemorated with pomp, as were anniversaries related to the biographies of specific figures whose lives influenced Polish history and culture (Nicolaus Copernicus, Jan Kochanowski, Adam Mickiewicz). In the nineteenth century, customary posthumous remembrances and lavishly celebrated funerals of important figures in artistic life (Józef Ignacy Kraszewski, Jan Matejko) were also occasions to take stock. The momentum of anniversary ceremonies, reportages and information appearing in daily newspapers and illustrated weeklies strongly affected emotions, modeled the canon of patriotic behavior, and most importantly, provided an opportunity to manifest feelings (Adam Mickiewicz monument in Krakow). Today, anniversaries and jubilees also arouse interest, becoming an opportunity for summaries, academic conferences, publications and promotional and informational activities.


We propose to consider the following:

  1. anniversaries and jubilees in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries - in Poland and in the world - forms of celebration, the role of the press, the most important anniversary events of the era;
  2. anniversaries and jubilees as stimulators of literary life;
  3. jubilee in the literary biography of the author versus jubilee as a point of reference in the narration of creative biography;
  4. anniversaries and jubilees as a literary theme;
  5. gifts and presents from the nation: celebrations of writers' anniversaries and jubilees - past and present;

Anniversaries and Polish symbolic thinking; the Polish pantheon of national heroes and authorities - past and present;

  1. anniversaries and jubilees and places of remembrance;
  2. weeklies and dailies - the medium of anniversaries: reports, photos, accounts;
  3. Posthumous memories - ways of honoring;
  4. Commemorating great artists in the world;
  5. jubilees and honoring the creators of Greco-Roman antiquity;
  6. forgotten heroes - who does not deserve a jubilee? - public disputes about authorities.


"Colloquia Litteraria" is an academic periodical, a semi-annual journal of literary studies, associated with the Faculty of Humanities at UKSW. They have been published since 2006 in the form of thematic issues devoted to various fields of literary studies and interdisciplinary issues. They are indexed in: BazHum, CEJSH - The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, IC Journals Master List, PBN - Polish Scientific Bibliography. The journal is trying to get on the Ministry's list of punctual journals. Thanks to the subsidy from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (in the framework of the module "Dissemination of Science") five special issues containing archival articles of "CL" translated into English were published.

We are waiting for the texts until October 10, 2021, and earlier, until July 30, 2021, please send the topic of the article and its formulation (about 1000 characters) in draft version. Texts in Polish, English and Italian are accepted. The submission should include the author's name, affiliation, email address, and ORCID number.

Information about the editorial requirements can be found on our website:

Please send submissions to:


prof. Dorota Kielak

prof. Joanna Zajkowska





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