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Dear Sirs and Madams,

we invite you to contribute to the 2/2021 thematic issue of "Colloquia Litteraria" entitled:


Faith and Creativity - The Legacy of Laski.


The managing editor is prof. Anna Szczepan-Wojnarska

Text submission deadline: October 10, 2021.

The work of Mother Elizabeth Rosa Czacka grew out of a deep faith in the importance of Christianity in the modern world. More than 100 years after the Triuno was written, we formulate questions about its legacy in historical and creative perspective and its presence as a source of literary inspiration. We invite you to reflect on faith and artistic creation, on living by faith and being a writer in the post-secular era, on the artists associated with the Circle of Father Władysław Kornilowicz, with "Verbum", with the Laski community.

We propose to consider the following issues:

  1. the personalism of Jacques Maritain and its reception in the Laski community;
  2. Liturgy and art - interdependence or contradiction? Does kitsch have a dimension of guilt?
  3. artists associated with the Work of Maki Rosa Czacka;
  4. spiritual directors, preachers, chaplains - masters of non-standard pastoral ministry (Achilles Ratti - Pius XI, Father Władysław Korniłowicz, Antoni Marylski, Primate Stefan Wyszyński, Father Aleksander Fedorowicz, Father Tadeusz Fedorowicz, Father Jan Zieja, Father Jan Twardowski, and others)
  5. the journal of the Catholic intelligentsia, Verbum, its creators and the models they left behind;
  6. intimate prose, spiritual autobiographies, diaries, notes, testimonies;
  7. works related to Laski;
  8. Franciscanism discovered in suffering.


"Colloquia Litteraria" is an academic journal, a semi-annual journal of literary studies, associated with the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Warsaw. They have been published since 2006 in the form of thematic issues devoted to various fields of literary studies and interdisciplinary issues. They are indexed in: BazHum, CEJSH - The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, IC Journals Master List, PBN - Polish Scientific Bibliography. The journal is trying to get on the Ministry's list of punctual journals. Thanks to the subsidy from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (in the framework of the module "Dissemination of Science") five special issues containing archival articles of "CL" translated into English were published.

We are waiting for the texts until October 10, 2021, and earlier, until July 30, 2021, please send the topic of the article and its formulation (about 1000 characters) in draft version. Texts in Polish, English and Italian are accepted. The submission should include the author's name, affiliation, email address, and ORCID number.

Information about the editorial requirements can be found on our website:

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prof. Anna Szczepan-Wojnarska



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