Czy możliwe było odkupienie człowieka bez śmierci krzyżowej Jezusa?

Rafał Kazimierz Wilk



The author raises the question of whether the redemption of man must
have been accomplished through the Passion and Death on a cross of Jesus
Christ, or whether it could have been realized by the people’s acceptance
of the message of the Gospel. By analyzing the historical aspect, such as
understanding the prophecies by the Jews and especially by the Apostles,
it seems that the latter was possible. It was only after the rejection of the
proclaimed Kingdom of God that the Son of God paid the greatest price –
and that is by giving up his life for the redemption of mankind. Romano
Guardini favors this solution. The author of the study also shows reasons
for opposing opinions which are more deeply rooted in the tradition of
preaching. Belonging to this group are, among others, Pope Benedict XVI,
who writes that it is not contradictory to maintain that Jesus wanted to reconcile the people with the Father only by accepting the Kingdom proclaimed
to them. However, when the people rejected the Gospel which was
proclaimed by the One who loved them, he accepted this rejection as well
as all its extreme consequences, namely the Passion and Death on a cross.
Nevertheless, the Pope writes that this version cannot be proven in any way
by referring to the Gospel records. Since there are no sufficient sources of
evidence, other schemes of the salvation of humanity apart from the Passion
and Death on a cross can only be a hypothesis. Hence, they are just a result
of pure speculation, and as such are outlined in this study.

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Odkupienie; usprawiedliwienie; proroctwa; głoszenie; męka; krzyż; prawda

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