Issue 2/2016 has just been published

Issue 1/2016 has just been published and it will be available in printed form from the UKSW Press.

Table of contents:
I Studies
Karol Karski, Tomasz Piotr Kamiński, Treaty-Making Capacity of  Components of Federal States from the Perspective of the Works of the UN International Law Commission
Aleksandra Wentkowska, Let us be judged by our actions Oversight Mechanisms of Policing in Comparative Outline
Radosław Kołatek, On the Way to an Anthroparchic Community of Law. The European Union as the Subject of Global Law

II Articles
Marek Jaśkowski, Decisions and Administrative Acts according to the ReNEUAL Model Rules on the EU Administrative Procedure and Proposal for Regulation for an Open, Efficient and Independent EU Administration 
Jakub Bennewicz, On the Consistency of the Provision of Art. 13, Sec. 2, Point 3 of The Act of 14th of April 2000 on International Agreements with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland – Deliberations in Light of Arguments Presented in the Judgement of the Constitutional Tribunal in Case No. K 33/12