Focus and Scope

The Review covers various fields of international law, both public and private, and the European Union law. We are aware of the interdependency of various levels of legal regulations in today's world, which points out the flexibility of borders of internationality of contemporary law.

Peer Review Process

All texts are subject to a blind review by an independent scholar. All decisions as to the acceptance of the text shall be rendered within 3 months after the submission. All Authors of the submitted materials will be informed of the decision. The expected time for the publication should not exceed 6 months – depending on the nature of the submission. The Reviewers are provided with an Evaluation Form and are requested to form a clear opinion whether a manuscript is: (a) accepted; (b) conditionally accepted; or (c) not accepted (the Reviewers are also required to form their opinion on the basis of the following criteria: Originality of the subject; the relevance of the subject; the relationship between the subject and the text; readability; extent of the research; value and nature of the conclusions; the nature of the text (descriptive, analytical etc)). In case the manuscript is “conditionally accepted”, the Reviewer shall recommend which parts of the text should be modified and how. The Authors are required to apply the Reviewer’s remarks. In case they do not agree with the latter, they may transmit their substantiated comments in that regard to the Board of Editors.

Peer review form

Publication Frequency

PRIEL is published semiannually. Volumes 1 to 3 were published as a quarterly.

Publishing ethics

Ghostwriting and plagiarism are strictly prohibited. The Authors are kindly requested to attach the relevant declaration;
By submitting a text the Author declares that he/she is entitled to the full copyright of the text and that he/she consents to the publication. Authors are also asked to accept the following declaration of the originality:
"I, the Undersigned, hereby declare that the submitted essay/article/review/case comment does not result from the violation of the principles of the honest research and in particular does not constitute a plagiarism. I accept all the responsibility for the original nature of the submitted essay/article/review/case comment."


Paweł Czubik (Kraków),
Piotr Daranowski (Łódź),
Janusz Gilas (Toruń),
Robert Grzeszczak (Warszawa),
Jan Kolasa (Wrocław),
Jerzy Kranz (Warszawa),
Łukasz Kułaga (Warszawa),
Roman Kwiecień (Lublin),
Jerzy Menkes (Warszawa),
Cezary Mik (Warszawa),
Barbara Mikołajczyk (Śląsk),
Katarzyna Myszona-Kostrzewa (Warszawa),
Nina Półtorak (Kraków),
Janusz Symonides (Łódź),
Piotr Szwedo (Kraków),
Marek Szydło (Wrocław),
Adam Wiśniewski (Gdańsk)

Journal History

Inaugural Issue was published in 2012, as well as vol. 1 (Issues 1-2 and 3-4).

Inaugural Issue and volumes 1 and 2 were published by TNOiK "Dom Organizatora" (Toruń). Since volume 3 PRIEL is published by University Press of the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński.

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