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Author Guidelines
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Author Guidelines

Polish Review of International and European Law


Articles for the PRIEL should be submitted either on paper with cd disk attached sent to: Polish Review of International and European Law, ul. Wóycickiego 1/3 bud. 17, 01-938 Warsaw, Poland, or via e-mail: priel@uksw.edu.pl.
The articles should be submitted in reasonable English. The native speaker's review will be provided by the Editors. All studies and articles to the PRIEL are peer-reviewed.
Contributions for the Studies section should be approximately 10000-15000 words (longer texts will also be admitted), for the Articles section approximately 6000 words, for the Comments section approximately 3000 words, for the Book Reviews section approximately 3000 words.
The contributions should include an abstract (150-200 words), keywords and bibliography.

The Authors are kindly requested to attach to their submission the following declarations (see bottom of the page):
- That their submission has not been previously published
- That their submission is an effect of their original work and research
- That they are entitled to full copyrights of their submission and express consent for its publication in PRIEL.

The contributions should be in Word format.


An article may be divided into sections, subsections and sub-subsections, in a numerical order using the Arabic numerals (eg. 1. Sources of international law, 1.1. Custom, 1.1.1. State practice). Only initial word and proper names in words should be capitalized.

1) Quotations of fewer than 40 words are to be included in the main text, between double quotation marks. 2) Longer quotations should begin on a new line, without quotations marks, and be indented from both sides in order to separate it from the main text. 3) Any change in the quoted text should be put between square brackets. Quotations should always be followed by a footnote with a reference to the source. To add specific emphasis to part of the quoted text, this should be done by the use of bold type, and '(emphasis added)' should be added to the source note.

The following should be italicized in the main text: 1) Case names and all procedural phases (in re, ex parte etc.) 2) Titles of publications 3) Words requiring special emphasis 4) Words or phrases in Latin or other languages than English

All abbreviations should be spelt out on the first use with the abbreviation given immediately following in parentheses. Acronyms and lettered abbreviations will be rendered with no stops

Use the form day-month-year in numerical terms, e.g. 2.11.2002


Use ‘at’ to indicate the page number in the article, book or the case.

The first reference to any source must be given in full. Authorities and textual sources cited elsewhere in the text may be referred to by using a reference „op. cit.” With regard to the article or the book and condensed reference adding ‘supra’ or ‘infra’ as regards cases or treaties and other official documents.


Author, Title, Editing Company, Place of Edition Year of Edition, page
E.g. J. Kowalski, EU Law, Wolters Kluwer, The Hague 2011, p. 1.
Note! Polish books should be referred to in Polish with English translation of the title in the square brackets.

Author, Title, ‘Periodical’ Year, volume, number, page of quote.
E.g. J. Kowalski, EU Law, ‘Common Market Law Review” 2011, vol. 48, no 1, p. 15.

Author, Title, [in:] Editor’s name (ed.), ‘Compilation’, Editing Company, Place of Edition Year of Edition, page of quote.
E.g. J. Kowalski, EU Law, [in:] H. Malinowski (ed.), ‘EU Treaty’, Wolters Kluwer, The Hague 2011, pp. 12-13.


International Courts Cases
Full case name, Phase, Kind and date of decision, publication, at paragraph (or page if not applicable)
E.g. Armed activities on the territory of the Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo v. Ruanda), Merits, ICJ Judgement of 3.2.2006, I.C.J. Reports 2006, para. 1

Court of Justice of the EU Cases
Full case name, Case number, Kind and date of decision, ECLI, at paragraph
E.g. Commission v. Austria, Case no 205/06, Judgment of 3.3.2009, ECLI:EU:C:2009:118, para. 1

European Court of Human Rights
Full case name, Application number, kind and date of decision, ECHR,  at paragraph.
E.g. Al-Adsani v. United Kingdom, Application no 35763/97, Judgment of 21.11.2001, ECHR 2001-XI, para. 1


EU Legislation
Full act’s name, O. J. (English version) date series-number, first page.
E.g. Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2003 on the implementation of the rules on competition laid down in Articles 81 and 82 of the Treaty, O. J. 4.1.2003, L-1, p. 1.

Polish Legislation
Polish O. J. Year, Number, Item.
E.g. Polish O. J. 2003, No 153, Item 1503.

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