Published: 2023-01-16



We are honoured to present to P.T. Readers of PRIEL a collection of articles dedicated to Professor Janusz Gilas.

At the root of the decision to prepare this volume was the desire to honour the distinguished Jubilate. It was evident that the best way to express our appreciation for the achievements of the Professor as a scholar and teacher was through scientific papers. It is a good tradition that such publications refer to the scientific achievements of the Recipient.

In this case, it was, on the one hand, easy because the breadth of the Professor's research allowed each of us to find research material that corresponded to his studies. But, on the other hand, it was challenging because the scientific level of his publications set the bar high. The collection is composed of three delineated parts:

- general reflections on the international community in correlation with international law;

- deliberations on the field of international law through the prism of a holistic vision of international law.

The parts are separated by a study from the interface of public and private international law.

With the publication, we take up from the Jubilate the baton of developing the doctrine of  international law.


Dear Mr. Professor, ad Multos Annos.

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