Published : 2020-01-30

Concluding Observations of the UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies in the Field of Equality and Non-discrimination. Does a Common Standard Exist and is it Implemented? Example of Poland

Katarzyna Sękowska-Kozłowska

Section: Articles


This article examines the recommendations adopted by UN human rights treaty bodies in 2000-2017 addressed to Poland and concerning equality and non-discrimination. It aims to answer two research questions – firstly, to what extent are the recommendations convergent and, therefore, can we speak of a certain common standard of equality and non-discrimination formulated by treaty bodies? For this purpose, two case studies – on LGBT rights and women’s reproductive rights – have been presented. The second part of the research aims to establish to what extent do the recommendations of treaty bodies on equality and nondiscrimination affect Polish law.


equality ; human rights ; LGBT rights ; non-discrimination ; Polish law ; reproductive rights ; UN standards


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