Published : 2020-06-27

The Implementation of International Agreements in the Polish Legal System. The Selected Aspects of Practice in Recent Two Decades

Section: Articles


The issue of the implementation of international agreements in the domestic legal system is of substantial significance. It guarantees the efficiency of international law in the domestic space. The article presents the selected aspects of this process in reference to the practice of the Republic of Poland, within the last two decades with the particular consideration of the position of the Council of Ministers in this respect. The subject of analysis is the legal character (and its sources) of the obligation of the implementation of treaties, both at the level of international and domestic law. Subsequently, the conditions of the implementation have been considered, including the costs and the issue of application of international agreements. The consequences of non-implementation of a treaty for enforceability of its provisions within the Polish legal system constitute the subject of the analysis in the last section of the paper.


implementation of international agreements ; self-executing norms ; Constitution and international law ; transformation of international agreements ; pacta sunt servanda


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