Published : 2021-04-21

Keeping up Appearances: May the Law of International Responsibility be construed through the ‘Comparative Law’ Methods?

Section: Studies


The article analyses the possible employment of comparative law methodology for the codification, progressive development and the interpretation of the law of international responsibility. It argues that ‘comparative law’ methodology should be used during this process as it would enhance the legitimacy and understanding of the work of the International Law Commission. The use of legal English involves the reference to common law ideas whether it is consciously admitted or not by the users of legal rules drafted in that language. This concept is presented by the reference to the way the language is used in the process of creating and interpreting rules in the area of international responsibility. It also plays an important role during the construction of multicultural international
legal concepts within that field. Last but not least, the use of ‘comparative law’ seems to be an indispensable apparatus in the codification process in the area of international responsibility consisting of general principles of law and customary law. The ‘comparative law’ methods are invaluable tools for all those who take part in creation of international responsibility rules, as well as their application and interpretation.


comparative law ; general principles of law ; customary law ; international responsibility ; legal transplants ; multilingualism ; translation ; International Law Commission


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Augustyniak, Łukasz. (2021). Keeping up Appearances: May the Law of International Responsibility be construed through the ‘Comparative Law’ Methods?. Polish Review of International and European Law, 10(1), 43-74.

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