Published : 2020-01-06

The Migration Crisis in the Case Law of the ECHR – Some Remarks on the Obligations of Countries to Refugees and Immigrants .

Przemysław Domagała

Section: Articles


This paper focuses on the scope of obligations of states towards refugees and migrants under the ECHR. It`s introductory part that describes the significance of the ECHR for the European legal order is followed by a detailed analysis of the state`s obligations broken down according to ratione personae – ratione loci – ratione materie scheme. The paper clarifies the distinction between “migrants” and “refugees” (1951 Geneva Convention) and defines situations when ECHR can be applied outside the territory of the State Party (especially in the context of border control and maritime operations). The final part of the paper concentrates of the set of minimal substantial guaranties towards migrants and refugees in the context of living conditions in the centers for foreigners, right to liberty and security of person and right to respect for family life.


refugees ; migrants ; European Union ; European Convention on Human Rights ; extraterritorial jurisdiction ; detention of foreignes ; prohibition of ill-treatment ; family life ; migration crisis ; non-refoulement


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