Próba rehabilitacji pojęcia monoteletyzmu w świetle dedukcji wynikających z definicji osoby

Leszek Grula



This article concentrates on the teaching of the Third Council of Constantinople
regarding the assignment of two Natures of Christ and their two Wills. The first part focuses on the history of the Incarnation and Christological dogmas up until the Council. The second part, based on the understanding of the definition of the person, tries to explain how the Will, as the ability to make decisions and choices, is an act of personal rather than physical character, that in regard to human nature are influenced by biology, independently of our will. Therefore, the article seeks to explain that as the two Natures of Christ were united in the One Person of the Word Incarnate, so was Christ directed by One will belonging to his Person. However, that Will was also influenced by the afflictions of human nature. Therefore, Monothelitism can be rehabilitated when accepting that in Christ there is only One Will of the Person of the Son of God, in two united and properly
coordinated Natures.

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monoteletyzm; III Sobór Konstantynopolitański; osoba; natura; wola

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