Aluzje z Księgi Sofoniasza w Nowym Testamencie?

Dariusz Kotecki



In the New Testament there are no citations from the Book of Zephaniah.
There are only allusions which are understood as references to another work
of literature thanks to which a given text uses the content of other literature
to a greater or lesser extent as a way of expressing its own content. The
author of the article analyses the following allusions: to Zep 1:3 in Mt 13:41; to
Zep 3:8 in Rev 16:1; to Zep 3:13 in Rev 14:5 and to Zep 3,15 in Jn 1:49, asking
about their importance and weight. He comes to the conclusion that some
of them are very probable (e.g. Zep 1:3 in Mt 13:41; Zep 3:13 in Rev 14:5 or
Zep 3,15 in Jn 1:49) and others should be viewed as the echo of prophetic
texts (e.g. Zep 3:8 in Rev 16:1). However, in all cases we can observe the
reinterpretation of the Book of Zephaniah in a new Christological (Zep 1:3
in Mt 13:41; Zep 3,15 in Jn 1:49), ecclesiological (Zep 3:13 in Rev 14:5) or
theological (Zep 3:8 in Rev 16:1) context.

Słowa kluczowe

Sofoniasz; aluzja; użycie Starego Testamentu w Nowym Testamencie

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