Pytanie o klucz do teologii apostoła Pawła

Waldemar Rakocy



The author of the paper looks for a key to Pauline theology. Scholars
differs considerably in this subject that results in sometimes extremely
opposed views on the degree the old and new covenants are related to each
other as well, as on to the degree Paul himself was linked to Judaism after
his conversion. So far answers given by scholars focus on main themes of
Paul’s Epistles (eschatology, soteriology and so on) or emerge from previous
presumptions on Judaism, but not mainly from the Epistles themselves.
The present article points at the concept of the new creation in Christ
which is the background of all themes treated by Paul and links them in
one coherent entity.

Słowa kluczowe

Teologia Pawła (klucz do niej); partycypacja; nowe stworzenie w Chrystusie

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