Data publikacji : 2018-08-24

Humorous Learning. Dialogical Uses of Humor in Training Situations

Jaap Bos

Peter Zomer

Dział: WSTĘP


This article explores an activity observed predominantly in training situations: humorous encounters that imply some form of learning. Humorous learning is a specific form of engagement in which contradicting or opposing voices are incorporated into the systm of I-positions of the actor through the use of humour. This technique is presented here as a collective contradiction solving mode that allows the student to learn to reposition himself in the field. The article discusses data from a case study in which a training session involving multiple trainees and three trainers was evaluated. The sessions were tape-recorded and transcribed; a discursive analysis of two transcripts is presented and discussed. What makes humorous learning singular is that it allows participants to distance themselves from an immediate situation while it simultaneously creates a window of opportunity in which new, unforeseen possibilities arise.

Słowa kluczowe

Humour ; learning ; I-positions ; training ; contradiction ; discursive analysis

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