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Polityka open access - Wydawnictwo Księgarnia Akademicka

The publishing policy of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw (CSWU) in relation to the journals published there is based on the Libre Open Access standard. This means that all articles published in journals published at the CSWU are generally available, i.e. they are immediately and free of charge available for reading, downloading, and sharing. It also means that published material can not only be read but also reused by others. Articles published following Libre Open Access standards can be placed on any website, they can be used to conduct lectures, and they can also be placed in the so-called reading rooms without the need to obtain permission from the author or publisher. However, the correct author and license reference should always be included.

The copyright policy of materials published in magazines published at the CSWU is as follows: the authors retain the copyright to the published materials.

Articles published in journals published by CSWU are covered by the terms of the Creative Commons CC BY-ND 4.0 International license, which allows:

Sharing - Copying and distributing works in any medium and format; for any purpose, including commercial purposes.

Under the following conditions:

Attribution - The work should be properly labeled, link to the license, and indicate if changes have been made to it. This may be done in any reasonable manner, as long as it does not imply the licensor's endorsement of the person making the change or the way in which the work is used.

No Derivative Works - You may not distribute modified content when remixing, processing, or creating from a work.

The policy on depositing various versions of materials sent to the editors of journals published at the CSWU is as follows: authors may, without any embargo, deposit: 1) submitted, 2) approved, and 3) published versions of their articles in institutional or other repositories of their choice.
Editorial fee policy: Authors pay no costs related to the publication of their articles, i.e. article processing fees (APCs), editorial fees, color fees, submission fees, page fees, membership fees, print subscription costs, etc. additional fees. The authors also do not receive any financial rewards for published materials.

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