Published : 2021-12-30

The role and functioning of Mental Health Recovery Assistants (Ex-In) in the community model of psychiatric care


Recovery assistants are a new group among mental health care professions in Poland. The emergence of this group is related to the development of the idea of ​​abandoning hospitalization of people experiencing mental crisis in large hospital centers in favor of carrying out the treatment process in the local environment. The main function of recovery assistants is to accompany people struggling with a mental crisis in their recovery process. Assistants who are members of therapeutic teams play a unique role in meeting the needs of people experiencing a mental crisis and their relatives. This role is to know, understand, strengthen, give hope for recovery and provide people in crisis with practical knowledge about this process and available treatments. The article outlines the concepts of recovery assistants as peer support and the idea of ​​their functioning in the environmental model of psychiatric care. The process of training recovery assistants, the qualification framework and their activities in the local community, social networks and with specialists are described.


Experienced Involvement, recovery assistants, mental health, mental health crisis, mental health care, peer support, environmental model of psychiatric care





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Bartosiewicz-Niziołek, M., Kaczmarczyk-Partyka, S., Olszewski, B., & Ostrowska, M. (2021). The role and functioning of Mental Health Recovery Assistants (Ex-In) in the community model of psychiatric care. Studia Psychologica: Theoria Et Praxis, 21(2), 5–18.

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