Model egzegezy w dziele Josepha Ratzingera – Benedykta XVI Jezus z Nazaretu cz. 1.

Anna Pieczyńska



This article presents the method of Bible interpretation which was chosen
by Benedict XVI in his book Jesus of Nazareth pt. l. Using this method,
Joseph Ratzinger was looking for an answer to the question about the true
identity of Jesus Christ. In this article, the author makes an attempt to present
examples of the Pope’s use of various exegetical methods. This helps us to
understand Benedict’s opinion which in his book is clearly stated, namely
there is no single correct method of Bible interpretation which gives us definitive
answer. Frequent references to the canonical method result from the
fact that for Benedict XVI faith remains a priority for in the interpretation
of the Holy Scriptures in the Catholic Church. Skillfully drawing from the
treasury of Tradition and contemporary development of knowledge, the
Pope engaged substantially in polemics with these interpretative tendencies,
which in his opinion do not lead to the discovery of biblical truths.

Słowa kluczowe

Jezus z Nazaretu; metody interpretacji Biblii; egzegeza kanoniczna; wiara; Benedykt XVI

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