Published : 2012-08-28

Thoughts that fatten. "Thought - form" fusion in eating disorders

Małgorzata Starzomska

Anna Brytek - Matera

Section: Empirical Articles


Psychiatric disorders are characterized by a range of specific cognitive distortions. One of the most interesting cognitive phenomena is Thought-Shape Fusion, which occurs when thinking about eating certain types of food increases a person’s estimate of their shape and/or weight, elicits a perception of moral wrongdoing, and/or makes the person feel fat. TSF can be induced experimentally in healthy volunteers, but it is especially associated with eating pathology. It may be that thought–shape fusion is both a direct expression of the core psychopathology and also serves to  maintain it. In patients for whom thought–shape fusion appears


Thought-Shape Fusion ; anorexia nervosa ; bulimia nervosa


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Starzomska, M., & Brytek - Matera, A. (2012). Thoughts that fatten. "Thought - form" fusion in eating disorders. Studia Psychologica: Theoria Et Praxis, 2(12), 5-21. Retrieved from

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