Jerzy Lewandowski

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21697/stv.2017.55.2.07


In a contemporary, secularized society, faith is undervalued and marginalized.
How can we find the “joy of faith” nowadays? A deepening response to this question
is found in “Joy of Faith,” which is a type of catechesis by Pope Benedict 

XVI connected to the Year of faith. A re-reading of Pope’s thought gives a special
opportunity to realize the apparent truth that modern theology serves to awaken
the “joy of faith.” Turning this thought aside: believers need contemporary theology
so that their faith can be deepened, joyful and courageous in the discourse with
“apostles” of religious indifference and moral relativism. Reading of papal catechesis
reveals that faith gives a renewed glimpse into human existence, enables us
to discover in God the source of truth, introduces in the experience of the action of
the Holy Spirit and of the Church, and finally gives assurance of salvation, which
for the Christian is the foundation of the ultimate (eschatological) joy.

Słowa kluczowe

Wiara; radość wiary; Rok wiary; teologia; Benedykt XVI; J. Ratzinger;

Pełny tekst:



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