Studia Theologica Varsaviensia

The editors are handing over a unique publication to the Reader.
Its creation encompasses two important aspects. The first one is expressed in the title itself, which in Polish sounds 50 lat teologicznej myśli na Wydziale Teologicznym Akademii Teologii Teologicznej/Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego w Warszawie [Eng.: 50 years of theological thought at the Faculty of Theology of the Academy of Theological Theology / Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw]. The second refers to the most recent history, or rather to the apology of what actually defends itself. The Warsaw centre in the post-war (ATK) and contemporary (UKSW) theological panorama of Poland has always played an important role. It is here, together with the academics of the Catholic University of Lublin, that the foundations of Polish pre and post-conciliar thought were developed. But it is also in this centre and thanks to the Studies that the formation of the scientific staff of theologians in Poland was significantly contributed. It is therefore surprising that scientific journals rooted in the history of theological thought must defend their position in the context of the new list of scoring journals. Let the reader, given these two contexts, judge the role, contribution and place of the semi-annual journal of Polish theologians for over half a century. The place of a given journal in the scientific panorama of the discipline is not determined by a top-down framework, but by the real scientific contribution that the journal represents.

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