Data publikacji : 2020-05-28

Creative attitude of pedagogy students and its relationship with metalearning competence

Dział: Colloquia


Theability to manage one’s own process of learning (metalearning) is necessary and required of nearly any professional. To develop this skill, you need to have the creative attitude, i.e., to be critical and reflective towards yourself as a learner. This applies even more to teachers, who do not only learn how to learn but should also be able to ensure their students proper conditions for learning this skill. On the other hand, as a person who prepares children and adolescents for creative life in the new millennium, a teacher should display a special level of creativity. The aim of the study presented in this article was to identify the relationship between the creative attitude and metalearning competence of first-year pedagogy students. The results of the study show a statistically significant relationship between the creative attitude and metalearning competence level of pedagogy students.



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