Data publikacji : 2019-04-25

Nie tylko „O sztuce lekarskiej” w wybranych pismach Corpus Hippocraticum


According to the researchers, the most intriguing and fascinating work at the Corpus Hippocraticum is the treatise De prisca medicina. It consists of 24 parts in which Hippocrates argues that the human organism is a blend of various substances or humors. Having set forth humoral theory, Hippocrates criticizes the hypothesis about the causes of diseases independent of this theory. Hippocrates medicine, due to the way it is practiced, should be treated as τέχνη, and this term can be translated as proficiency, craftsmanship, skills, craft, and art. Medicine should not use hypotheses or generalizations but should be based on experience and research. The doctor was a researcher, but above all a craftsman, accompanied by students and other doctors, with whom he analyzed every case of disease.


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Hippocrates, doctor, art, medicine





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Krajewska, J. (2019). Nie tylko „O sztuce lekarskiej” w wybranych pismach Corpus Hippocraticum. Saeculum Christianum, 25, 54–62.

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