Just war against infidels? Similar answers from Central and Western Europe

Bárbara Díaz

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21697/2017.53.3.03


The aim of this paper is to take a closer look at the similitudes between the ideas of Paweł Włodkowic (Paulus Vladimiri) and Francisco de Vitoria concerning the relations between Christians and infidels, especially on the issue of just war, and to advance a hypothesis to explain such similarities.
Both scholars come from “frontier States” in the process of expansion and in close contact with non-Christian peoples. They had therefore direct knowledge of these different human groups. The equality between Christians and infidels, the right of all men to property and self-rule as well as their freedom to accept faith, the idea of a community of mankind, are some of the concepts developed by both thinkers. That is why they have been pointed out as beginners of the modern ius gentium. At the end of the paper, I will advance a hypothesis on the influence of Włodkowic on Vitoria.

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Paulus Vladimiri; Francisco de Vitoria; ius gentium; just war

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