Eklezja Mateusza – eschatologiczną „Resztą Izraela”?

Zdzisław Żywica

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21697/ct.2016.86.1.02


In a holistic look at the history of Israel and the Church, Evangelist Matthew
seems to express the hope that taken by him idea of “Rest”, proves to
be a kind of bridge for the followers of rabbinic Judaism. He also trusts that
in the eschatological times – finally closed by the Second Coming of the Son
of Man – they profess, at least some of them, faith in Jesus from Nazareth
as the Messiah and Son of God at the same time. Faith confessed by them
will allow to enter into the Church and obtain the same equal rights as other
participants of that idea in the following centuries of the God’s salvation
history, in which the chosen people of Abraham will be able to participate
as the only nation from the beginning until the definite its completion, with
only a short break discontinued, however, by conversion and return to God
Yahweh – the Father of Jesus.

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Ewangelista Mateusz; Kościół; Synagoga; rozłam; „Reszta Izraela”

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