The Place of the Saint Ladislaus’ Monarchy in the Medieval Europe according to the Western Chroniclers at the time of the First Crusade

Bartłomiej Dźwigała



The present article examines the First Crusade’s passage through the Kingdom of Hungary. Basing on the two main narrative sources: the Historia Ierosolimitana of Albert of Aachen and the chronicle of the William of Tyre the author comments on the relationship between the king of Hungary, Coloman the Learned, and Western European crusaders, which is the starting point to discuss a wider problem of opinion on newly christianizeed Hungary from the post-Carolingian Europe’s point of view. As it has been shown, the Kingdom of Hungary at the time of the First Crusade was perceived as a member of Latin Christendom. Furthermore there is no evidence in contemporary Latin narrative sources for the chroniclers’ negative approach towards Hunagarian Monarchy.


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Albert of Aachen, Historia Ierosolimitana. History of the Journey to Jerusalem, ed. and trans. Susan Edgington, Oxford 2007. Frutolfi et Ekkehardi Chronica necnon Anonymi ChronColoman the Learned; Hungary; First Crusade; William of Tyre; Albert of Aachen

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