Data publikacji : 2021-04-14

Spirituality in the cognitive process and the regulation of digital behaviour: human ethics and machine learning

Nadezhda Nikolaevna Pokrovskaia

Albina Ahmetovna Beschasnaya

Stanislav Vladimirovich Boiko

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Regulation models based on the human cognitive systems and ethics are embodied in social institutions. Among the issues of the processes of urbanization, secularization, anti-war speeches, the fight against poverty and discrimination, spirituality became an important subject of research especially in the Post-Soviet sociological space, where the common elements of the social development were widely represented in different kinds of research, but the impact of religion and spiritual activity was underappreciated and was almost not studied. Some of the approaches and terms were borrowed from the Western sociology, as well as the liberal approach of market economy was initially studied on the basis of materials copied from American and European textbooks. Very soon scholars discovered that the notion of spirituality had different connotations on the territory of the former Soviet republics, where the hunger for spirituality was inherited (Mariański 2009: 149-179) since the omnipresent and ubiquitous communist ideology concerned the social life, including the religious activity of the populations of the former Soviet Union regions. Spirituality also began to awaken interest of social science as the knowledge of the organization of social life. Since the USSR collapse, the concepts of, spirituality as well as new spirituality become an important novelty for the sociological science, sociological reviews and conferences. At the same time, spirituality started to be used as an argument in the political and economic discussions that provoked the critics of this concept among scholars as well as inspired scepticism in society. The presented paper deals with the cognitive approach and combines the sociological approach with analysis of spirituality and the economic analysis of the intellectual systems and computing machines, especially, the “cognitive” processes of machine learning with the use of software for human beings to determine the requirements for the regulation mechanisms of the behavior human beings and machines in the digital era.


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Nikolaevna Pokrovskaia, N., Ahmetovna Beschasnaya, A., & Vladimirovich Boiko, S. (2021). Spirituality in the cognitive process and the regulation of digital behaviour: human ethics and machine learning. Uniwersyteckie Czasopismo Socjologiczne, 25(2), 35-44. Pobrano z

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