Abraham versus Jakub

Janusz Lemański

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21697/ct.2018.88.4.02


This article deals with the process of the formation of the traditions
concerning the three patriarchs in the book of Genesis. It can already be
stated that the traditions concerning Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were initially
formed independently of each other. Chronological priority should
be assigned to the tradition concerning Jacob. It was originally somehow
combined with the tradition concerning Isaac (in Amos), and at the time
before the exile it constituted the earliest point of reference for seeking the
roots and identity of Israel. Only by the end of the exile did the particular
time and situation cause the local Judaean traditions concerning Abraham
to play a greater role also from a theological aspect. Abraham then became
not only a model of faith and an example of behaviour for the exiles and the
repatriates, but also from a the first link in the chain of the three patriarchs.
It is possible that at that time some of the motifs of the story of Abraham
were borrowed from the traditions concerning Isaac (cf. Gen 26).

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Abraham; Jakub; patriarchowie Izraela; Exodus; Księga Rodzaju

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