Motyw drabiny Jakubowej (Rdz 28,10-22) w starożytnej symbolice zachodniego chrześcijaństwa

Krzysztof Bardski



The episode of “Jacob’s ladder” in the book of Genesis inspired numerous
symbolic interpretations in ancient Christianity. Most often we find moral
symbolism, which basically proceeds in two directions. After Tertullian,
“descending angels” symbolise sinners, and “ascending” ones symbolise
righteous people. After Augustine, “descending” means those who care
about the needs of others, whilst “ascending” refers to those who direct their
hearts to God. For Jerome, ascending and descending angels symbolise not
so much people as the mercy of God who descends to the sinner, whereas for
Ambrose and Zeno of Verona the ladder depicts the Old and New Testament
and its rungs, namely the Christian virtues. An important literary motif in
the story of “Jacob’s ladder” is the stone under the Patriarch’s head, which
in the Christian tradition assumes a Christological meaning.

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Biblia; drabina Jakubowa; symbol; interpretacja

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