Data publikacji : 2019-04-25

Experimenti de la Excelentissima Signora Caterina da Furlji. Katarzyna Sforza i jej sposoby na podkreślenie urody

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In 1894, Pier Desiderio Pasolini published notes on the beauty of women written by Catherine Sforza. Unfortunately the original text written by Catherine disappeared in unknown circumstances but in 1522 Lucantonio Cuppano had seen the original and made one copy which was later consulted and published by Pasolini who gave it the tittle Experimenti de la Excelentissima Signora Caterina da Furlji. This writing - next to the work of Metrodora and Trotula of Salerno - is one of the oldest texts written by women, which is preserved for our time. This work shows that Catherine must have received an excellent education as she was interested in medicine, alchemy and property of herbs and minerals. The lecture on her recipes shows that she prepared her cosmetics for herself but she also sent them to others. Her recipes show her knowledge of the property of many herbs and minerals. Probably she thought about publishing her notes as we can find there some easy formulas (for beginners) where it was necessary only to add and mix the products. But there are also more complicated instructions where it was necessary to know, for example the process of distillation etc. Her writings show how in the 15th century women in Italy cared about their beauty and which herbs and minerals to use to make their cosmetics.


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