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Struktura zawodowa Płocka w świetle księgi ławniczej miasta za lata 1489-1517

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Liber actorum civilium of the city of Płock covering the years 1489-1517 is a valuable source of information about the social and professional structure of Płock, as well as its customs and culture at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. Fortunately it survived the destruction of archival and library collections in Warsaw during World War II, and was published in 1995 by Danuta Poppe. On the pages of this liber of the city of Płock for the years 489-1517 we find representatives of 20 professions who lived and worked in Płock. As was already mentioned it is not the complete list, although it still shows the areas of the activity of the townspeople from Płock. The testaments say a lot about their financial status where sacrum, charity, care and family protection completed each other. The records in which the Płock craftsman appear on the pages of the liber actorum civilum concerned every day matters as purchase, sale, exchange, lease or donations. The fact that they enjoyed the popularity of the residents of the city shows that they were asked for arbitration of arguable matters. At the turn of 15th and 16th century the craftsmen were involved in the guilds, of which the liber mentions four: butchers, weavers, shoemakers, saddlers. The traits were concerned with the development of the craft among other trade contracts. Moreover they defended the interests of their community, they provided aid to the needy, gave opportunities for social contacts and also cared for the morality of the guild members.

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