SEeB Nature Photography Competition “Four Seasons”



The subject of the Competition is photographs of nature presenting flora, fauna, and landscapes. Photographs will be evaluated in four categories: 1) spring, 2) summer, 3) autumn, and 4) winter.

The Competition is open to authors, reviewers, Scientific Council members, and readers of “Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae” and the entire academic community of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Poland. Participation is free of charge.

The winning photos from each category will be published on the covers of subsequent issues of the “Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae” journal, with their authorship indicated. Participants can submit their photos until May 15, 2024. For more information, visit our website.

We invite you to participate in the Competition.

SEeB Editorial Team

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Call for Papers



“Agroecology and Organic Farming as Levers of a New Culture of Cooperation and Peace”

Dear Colleagues,

In an effort to contrast the current mounting wave of emergent wars with their devastating effects, both material and spiritual, cultural institutions are urgently called for setting up a cultural peace-building barrier based on an ecological conscience. We are convinced that scholars of Agroecology and Organic Agriculture already have the mind-set for framing how to educate for making peace with nature and between human beings through a wisdom-inspired agriculture. To face this challenge, we invite you to submit articles for a Thematic issue of SEeB entitled “Agroecology and Organic Agriculture as Levers of a New Culture of Cooperation and Peace.” Relevant information for submission of manuscripts is available below.

Your collaboration and competence for providing meaningful contributions are welcome!

Guest Editors:

Fabio Caporali
Paolo Bàrberi
Józef Tyburski

Call for papers letter (PDF)

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