Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae Nature Photography Competition “Four Seasons.”

The Competition is organized by the Editorial Office of Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae (SEeB) in cooperation with the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University Academic Publishing House and the university’s Office of Communication and Promotion. The Competition is held under the honorary patronage of Rev. Prof. Marek Stokłosa – Vice-Rector for Science and International Cooperation of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw (UKSW).

The subject of the Competition is photographs of nature presenting flora, fauna, and landscapes. Photographs will be evaluated in four categories: 1) spring, 2) summer, 3) autumn, and 4) winter. The Competition is open to authors, reviewers, Scientific Council members, and readers of the journal “Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae” and the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University academic community. Participation in the Competition is free of charge. Only adult persons can take part in it. Each participant can submit a maximum of four photos. One photo for one category. Competition participants should submit photos and documents (a registration form and a statement of consent). Both documents should be hand-signed, scanned in PDF format, and sent along with photos to seib@uksw.edu.pl  using Wetransfer.com  or a similar platform.

The winning photos from each category will be published on the covers of subsequent issues of the “Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae” journal, with their authorship indicated. In addition, information about the competition winners will be posted on the journal's FB profile. The photos already used on the journal's covers can be found on the SEeB's website: SEeB archives. Detailed information about the Competition is available in its Regulations (see below).

We invite you to participate in the Competition.

Prof. Ryszard F. Sadowski
SEeB Editor-in-Chief
Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Poland
www.seib.uksw.edu.pl   seib@uksw.edu.pl

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