Peer Review Process


The article qualification process is subject to a three-step evaluation procedure:

1) The Editorial Board performs a preliminary evaluation regarding the submitted article’s compliance with the journal’s profile and formal requirements. During the academic year the editors respond to the author regarding his/her article within three days, communicating one of three possible decisions: 1) inform about sending the text for expert assessment; 2) ask the author to complete or correct the indicated elements; or 3) inform about rejection of the article.

2) Two independent, external experts make substantive and formal evaluation of the submitted articles. As a rule, this process takes about 1,5 months.

3) Based on expert opinion, the Editorial Board shall decide whether to accept, reject or send the article to the author for improvement based on expert reviews. In case of radically different expert opinions, the Editorial Board may seek the opinion of the third expert and decide on the qualification of the article based on all reviews. This decision is made by voting by simple majority of votes. In the event of an equal number of votes, the vote of the Editor-in-chief is prevailing. The Editorial Board shall decide on the article publication within 2 weeks from receiving the last review and inform the author about the decision.

The Editorial Board takes appropriate measures to ensure the highest possible impartiality of the review process, i.e. reviewers do not know the authors’ personal details and vice versa (double-blind). There is also no hierarchical family or friendship affiliation between them. In addition, an author submitting an article may request the Editorial Board to exclude from the evaluating process a person indicated by him/her providing appropriate justification.

The SEeB editors check the originality of the submitted articles using the JSA system (Uniform Anti-Plagiarism System). This system is introduced by the Ministry of Education and Science as obligatory in all scientific institutions in Poland.

The review form is available for download.

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