Aleksandra Gawrysiak-Zabłocka

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21697/zp.2015.15.3.06


E-forms for General Partnership and Limited Partnership
Agreements in Polish Law
Since the latest amendment of the Polish Code of Commercial Part
nerships and Companies (CCPC) entered into force on 15th January
2015 it has been possible to set up a general partnership or a limited
partnership using a standardised electronic form for the agreement. The
article contains an analysis of the new regulations. Though the idea to
use electronic communication in setting up partnerships is a welcome
measure, there is no doubt that it would have been better if the forms for
general partnership and limited partnership agreements were annexes
o the CCPC instead of annexes to regulations issued by the Minister
of Justice. Moreover, some of the arrangements in these forms call for
criticism. The provisions in e-forms should be no different from those in
he CCPC. The regulations in the e-forms for partnership of indefinite
duration or for method of representation of partnership should be amen
ded. Partners should also be given more freedom in some other issues,
e.g. in determining how they are to participate in the allocation of loss.

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Spółka jawna; spółka komandytowa; umowa spółki; wzorzec umowy spółki; rejestracja spółki; podpis elektroniczny; wspólnik; komplementariusz; komandytariusz; firma; siedziba; przedmiot działalności; suma komandytowa; wkład; czas trwania spółki;reprezentacja

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